Grand & Glorious

An early photo of The Hathor

The Hathor prior to its recent restoration,
as pictured in Grand & Glorious.

Larkin may be most well-known as the author of "Grand & Glorious,". . . a spectacular photographic journey to one of North America's premier boating destinations. This beautiful book features both antique boats and exceptional modern watercrafts, many of which have never before been pictured or written about. In this gorgeous work, Larry features boats that are special to Geneva Lake, profiles the people who are involved with the boats, and depicts the lifestyle in which the boats are used."

Larkin also wrote and published "Full Speed Ahead" (now out of print). In 2006, one reviewer wrote, "Larry Larkin is da master. In this classic book about the old steamboat yachts that used to (and some still do!) ply the beautiful waters of Geneva Lake, Wisconsin, Larry Larkin has done an excellent job of capturing the elegant feel of this storied body of water that was and remains the playground of Chicago's elite. The history of each particular classic yacht is well documented. Most interesting character named? ... Retlaw Nikral"

Another "Full Speed Ahead" reviewer wrote: Lucky for us, Larry Larin fell in love with the wonderful steam boats of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin when he was a young boy. His fascination with the boats, and their era (late 1880's to the mid-1900's) is evident in this fine collection of stories, photographs and facts. A cruise around Lake Geneva today (2009) will be enhanced if the traveler has been well fortified with a careful reading of Larkin's fine documentation, "Full Speed Ahead."